Area Service Committee

The Area Service Committee meets monthly on the first Sunday of the month on most months. The ASC meets at the Fairmont Church at the corner of Clarke Ave and Horne Street in Raleigh. The subcommittees start at 12:30 and the ASC starts at 2:00. All members of NA are welcome to attend.

The purpose as taken from our ASC policy manual is:

“The function of an area is to being cohesiveness among groups in a geographical area. The NA Groups have banded together to create an area to provide services that these groups could not provide by themselves. This area was formed to be directly responsible to the member Groups. Its sole reason for existence is to be of service to its member Groups.”

The ASC Policy Manual can be found here:  ASC Policy Manual January 2017

Area Inventory Subcommittees and Officers Questionnaire 2017
Area Inventory Group Questionaire 2017

Area Documents:
ASC Service Resume
ASC Motion Form
ASC Proposal Form

ASC Motions
Motions From Feb ASC

July – note, there is an incorrect date marked on the pages.. it says 5/16, actual is 7/16
July Motions #2

ASC Minutes:

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